LOVE 1 (2)

The lady pictured above was accused of snatching her best friend’s boyfriend and secretly went ahead to marry him.

Recall the friend who made the wild allegation, posted some private snapshots to back up her claims.

But the wife, Rume, has come out with details of what happened. Read her own side of the story…

“I’m Rume and this is my official statement;
People have accused me for being guilty by changing acct name and making my posts private! In just 2 hours a reputation I had “tried” to build all my life seemed to be shattering right before me lol. It’s a painful thing that @fashioncraftbyeve feels so hurt that she had to go this far.

Love hurt is never easy to bear and for that fact I say sorry for whatever you are going through! I am deeply hurt with everything and the insults but people should really know the truth before slandering a human being… the last time I spoke with @fashioncraftbyeve on phone, she apologised for bad-mouthing me to my fiancé (so that he would call off the wedding) and yet here we are again! .

I haven’t had the courage to even talk to my fiance because I can’t help but be angry with all this (but if you knew the truth you would know that he did nothing wrong except be a gentleman and try to not hurt her ‘supposed’ feelings and quite frankly he didn’t owe her any explanation!)

I have seen all his attempts to reply every slander and vindicate me but honestly this has proven unnecessary and hey! One day day we would look back and be like ‘remeber when we had to go tru that experience and remeber how we divinely overcame it and became stronger?’ Because the truth is seeing him go tru all the terror and torment from last night till this morning has made me love him more.

And those who have known me these past years especially in the last 2 to 3 years would know that yes! I am freaked by Jesus and his words and one especially comes to mind with all these that has happened; Psalm 109 and its content is my REPLY to all I have been accused of and this has given me strength to speak up.”



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