A Young Nigerian Lady has met her untimely death in Benin City by the worst way ever as her Boyfriend’s brother allegedly immolated her for refusing to get in bed with him.

The Lady who was identified as Ebor Lovina was said to have refused sexual advances from her boyfriend’s brother and this led to her death.

One of her friend identified as Feh Mee wrote;

She refused to sleep with her boyfriend’s elder brother so he burnt her alive, the guy set her ablaze two weeks ago, she died this morning, she struggled to stay alive for good two weeks.

He continued;

Have always knew how to stay happy no matter what but the news of your death has made me the saddest person on earth….

The way you used to mention my name keeps ringing in my head (femi femo). Dear lord pls keep her in your bossom. Crying is now like laughter to me. I nor go fit bear this one naaaaah. RIP Ebor Lovina.

Ebor Lovina’s last post on Facebook was on February 19th 2018, when she shared photos/video of a young lady who died from stab wounds…

May her soup Rest in Peace.


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