Lady allegedly dumps

A young lady, identified simply as Joy, has reportedly dumped her boyfriend after discovering his real name is ‘Bashiru’, and not ‘Bash’.

According to the lady, she had been dating her boyfriend for seven months and believed his real name was ‘Bash’ and that he was of Turkish descent.

However, she received a rude shock when her lover’s old friend came visiting and called him by his full name ‘Bashiru’.

Lady allegedly dumps

According to her, she was appalled by this and felt angry that he lied to her about his real name for seven whole months.

She eventually broke up with him because she felt embarrassed by his name, and didn’t know how to introduce him to her friends with his name.

Her male friend took to Twitter to share the chat he with her in which she explained why she broke up with him.

Sharing screenshots of the chat, he wrote,

“A female friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend of 7 months after finding out that his real name is Bashiru, and not Bash.😂

Women are weird😂”

Read the chat below,

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