A self-made chef has shared in a video she posted on TikTok a newly discovered recipe on how to make milky beans.

While she prepped and mixed her ingredients to achieve the end result, netizens could not help but notice the way her knuckles looked.

Her fingers, knees and legs, knuckles were darker than the other parts of her body which suggested suggested she was bleaching.

This distracted the majority who were willing to learn her new recipe as they struggled with concentrating on her cooking.

The lady could be seen pouring a tin of milk into a small plate of beans. she then went on to consume the content with a loaf of bread.

Below are some of the reactions,

@heph_zib:  The fact that she painted her knuckles to stir y’all up and get more attention.

@nickey_pearls:  So this lady Coloured her knuckles, went out, bought bread, bought beans! Bought milk! And then as at down on camera and decided to traumatize us? So unfair!!!

@lyfdramah:  I just dey imagine how she go dey disturb the environment with mess

@kiingston_lee:  The fact that some ladies here don’t even know the knuckle is make up I know someone that do that for attention on TikTok

@badtbishop:  If this girl mess eeh!!! Both Heaven and Earth will roll away

Watch the video below,

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