Lady calls out

A lady has taken to Twitter to accuse her former employer of snatching her fiancé and sacking her in the process.

Lady calls out
Ashley Nwosu

The aggrieved lady identified as Ashley Nwosu, claimed she worked for her boss for two years before she was unjustly laid off.

“My boss (she’s on this twitter) who I worked for, for two good years.
Built with her from the scratch. When the business was failing I worked for her for free, until she was finally able to pay.
What did she pay me back with? Snatched my Fiancé and fired me while at it. Humans!” she tweeted.

In an interesting twist, a lady presumed to her said boss, responded and threatened to sue her over the allegations.

Lady calls out
Christabel // Former Employer

“These are strong allegations… hope you’ll be able to defend this in court?”
she wrote.

Reacting, Ashley confirmed that the lady is indeed the culprit, adding that she is not intimidated by her anymore because she no longer works for her.

“I didn’t even mention you, you exposed yourself already.
And jsyk, you’ve got nothing on my free speech anymore.
I don’t work for you and you can’t control my actions.
I haven’t even told the world the whole story. Wait for it,”
she wrote.

Defending herself, the said boss, identified as Christabel, accused Ashley of theft while working with her and stated that she could have chosen to press charges against her, but she didn’t.

“If you want to go to equity, go with clean hands.
Tell the full story.
Don’t leave out the unending missing funds.
Could have called the police but I chose to end it peacefully.
Go ahead and make me the villain.
If this is what you wanna do, then I’m down for it,”
she responded.

The duo are still attacking each other on the micro-blogging platform, with Ashley maintaining that she would not allow her former employer stop her from speaking her truth.

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