A Nigerian woman has complained online that her wealthy younger sister, who has helped her in the past, is now refusing to help.

The struggling mother admitted that her kids attend the same expensive school as her rich sister’s kids, and the sister had helped to pay her kids’ school fees in the past, but is no longer willing to and is insisting that she take her kids to a school she can afford.

According to her, she’s disappointed in her sister because she’s certain that she can afford to help her with her children’s school fees since she drives the latest cars and rocks trendy outfits, but she’s choosing not to.

The woman, who believes her sister is unwilling to help out of sheer wickedness, sharing her story online, wrote,

“Good morning. I’m pissed right now. My younger sister and her husband her rich. Very rich. My sister drives different car but she does not want to help me. My kids want to pay for school fees and she does not want to give me. My children and her own is attending same school and last year she helped me pay their school fees and now I don’t have money business is going slow.

”I asked her but she refuse saying I should take them to a small school. How can her own children be in a big school and my own in a small school. That is how we divide the family because we have no unity. It is paining me because she has money and she does not want to help. Should I call her husband or report her to our mum.

I know how she buy hair and bag and clothes because she dresses well but she can’t help her sister. It is because my hubby job that is not going well. If not y will she tell me to take my children to small school and her own her going to big school. Some family are wicked. Blood family.”

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