A lady, presumably South African as suggested by her Twitter bio, took a lot of people by surprise after she celebrated the death of a relative of hers who she wasn’t in good terms with before her demise.

The lady, with the handle, @Boitumelox_ took to the social networking platform to reveal that she wasn’t in good terms with her deceased relative because she (@Boitumelox_) had slept with her relative’s man.

Now that her relative is dead and gone, @Boitumelox_ seems to be happy with the development as she says she now finally has the man to herself.

She wrote on Twitter,

My relative died and we were not in good terms because I slept with her man. RIP sis, he’s a [sic] now mine only finally.

Her tweet has since taken a lot of people aback, with many wondering whether or not she’s telling the truth in her tweet and if probably she is, how can one be so cold-hearted and overly selfish.



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