A young lady has taken to social media to celebrate her 80-year-old grandma as she bags a masters degree.

The octogenarian finally achieved her lifelong dream of bagging a Masters degree shortly before her 80th birthday and is being lauded for her zeal and determination.

Her grand-daughter, who shared photos from her convocation ceremony on Twitter, revealed that her grandma bagged a Masters in Business Administration.

“Grandmother is graduating! She did her MBA (Master of Business Administration) and is graduating just shy of her 80th birthday!!! Never give up on your dreams”, she captioned the photos.

The post, however, generated mixed reactions on the micro-blogging platform. While some congratulated the grandma on the feat, others questioned her decision to get a masters at her age.

@Eemmanuel_UNA; “Just a waste of money and energy no job she should have just started a business tuition money.”

@Randy_nzhula; “Congratulations to her🔥🔥, I admire her courage. Studying requires balance, sacrifices, and dedication. Considering her age it just makes everything so special and unique. Respect to granny💯 🎓🎓”.

@Siya_ZAR; “Congratulations but damn that’s 1 hell of a wasteful expenditure. She is probably a Comrade this one 😭”.

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