A Nigerian lady and her boyfriend are currently at odds after he insisted that she cut ties with her male best friend.

A WhatsApp conversation between the pair that’s currently making the rounds shows the man expressing his anger over her closeness with a certain Ayo.

He questioned why she paid the Ayo a visit despite numerous warnings from him to cut ties with her male friends.

The girlfriend then retorted that Ayo is her best friend and that he doesn’t expect her to stop being friends with him just because she’s in a relationship.

The girlfriend, who insisted on remaining friends with Ayo, assured her boyfriend that her closeness to Ayo would not in any way affect their relationship.

He, on the other hand, didn’t seem convinced and insisted they both avoid being friends with people of the opposite gender.

Read their exchange below,

In related news, the WhatsApp conversation between a man and his girlfriend has gone viral online and has sparked a barrage of reactions from netizens.

The young man had warned his girlfriend not to attend a party because it would take place at a man’s house.

A day to the party, he asked his girlfriend to come and spend the day in his house to possibly enforce his previous command.

However, the lady reminded him about the party she already planned to attend, but the man maintained that she shouldn’t go.

The lady wasn’t having it at all and told him to give her a valid reason to shun the party, and he explained that it’s because it would be in another man’s house.

The lady, who was pissed at her boyfriend at this point, asserted that she won’t be the only woman at the party as other ladies, including her friends, would also be there but the man gave his final word that she shouldn’t go.

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