A Lady breaks down in tears after her boyfriend ends their relationship following a viral video of him washing her underwear.

She recently posted a video clip of her boyfriend washing her pants on social media, leading to several negative reactions online as there much backlash towards the young man.

However, the young man ended the relationship, expressing his disappointment towards her action. The man noted that he is being ridiculed by his friends, who now make extreme jokes about the viral video.

The lady has taken to social media to appeal to blogs and netizens to plead on her behalf after he ended their relationship and blocked her on social media. She vowed never to post her relationship online

As expected, netizens’ have reacted to the video with many criticizing the lady’s immature act and supporting the man’s decision to end the relationship. Many opine her boyfriend portraying a kind gesture but the lady took his act of service for granted by posting it online.

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@deslilym What your bf did for you wasn’t a bad thing and it shows how much he loves you, but posting it on social media without his consent is ridiculous and embarrassing

@kennyninobrown You think it is a flex at first say man dey wash you Pant. You brought it to the public as a bragging right You must remain blocked. Find another relationship. I hope it’s a soldier this time

@aduola_michael When I watched the video yesterday, I felt pity for the guy. Thank God say him dodge stray bullet oh. Marrying a lady fascinated by social media is the biggest risk a man can take


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