A lady has taken to social media to expose her adulterous lover after learning that he had simultaneously gotten six women pregnant.

According to the story that was shared, the woman said that she was unaware that the man in question was a seasoned cheat.

She revealed that she first connected with the man on Instagram and wanted to give love a try to see whether their relationship would last.

However, it was found that the man likes getting women pregnant since he has six other women who are the mothers of his children.

In order to teach the ladies a lesson, the man allegedly planned to start getting them pregnant. The girlfriend who told the story while pregnant announced her intention to terminate her own pregnancy.

“My own guy has six other girls pregnant for him and this is what they do. I confronted him in the morning, and what he said was that he wanted to teach girls a lesson. I’m going to abort today and please, you guys need to be careful,” she wrote in part.

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