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Lady Expresses Sh0ck As Her Mother Travels By Bike To Deliver Food To Her In Benin City (WATCH)

A Nigerian mother has captured the attention of social media users after a video surfaced of her traveling by bike from her village to deliver food supplies to her daughter in Benin City.

The touching video, which has since gone viral, was captured and shared on TikTok by @call_me_classique, showing the mother’s remarkable journey and the daughter’s reaction.

The video shows the mother unloading various food items from her bicycle upon arriving in the city, with her daughter’s assistance.

The daughter, visibly shocked and emotional, can be heard expressing her disbelief at her mother’s actions, asking how she managed to travel such a distance on a bike.

The video has resonated with countless viewers, who have flocked to the comments section to express their admiration and appreciation for her mother’s selflessness.

Here are some comments below:

@Slimbullet“Mothers are blessed, indeed.”

@Sandygreat“Very strong woman.”

@Ikhayere Ikhayere : “Sweet mother, beautiful.”

@Baba Ti : “Super woman, full definition.”

@Destino Reyes : “Super Woman.”

@Ihuoma Hanacho Amaonwu : “The love of a mother is too much, with load, even when you are maried she still cares about you with goodies. God will bless mothers.”

@LClassique : “Swears God will surely bless mothers Amen.”


Watch the video below:




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