A Lady has taken to her social media page to share the outcome of an Attire she contracted her “COLLEAGUE” to make and it was quite hilarious.

She wrote on Twitter;

I wanted to buy this from 21Attire. A colleague said she could make it for me and even though it was a little more expensive, I decided to try her out. I wore it last night and my mummy called me nurse, one of my sisters called me doctor, the last one said Road safety. Tears.

She then shared a photo of what she got from her tailor.

Below are some funny reactions that trailed her post.

Mofi wrote ;

Did you do the same hairstyle? No. Simple instructions

Joe wrote;

I feel if this dress is ironed well, you’d like it. I don’t see anything bad in it tho, it’s beautiful. Iron it well, then sit the same way the lady in the other picture sat, you’d see…

Efizy wrote;

You fit jus buy injection needle and shoe,make you start nurse work proper

Okeoghene wrote;

The fabric is wrong. It’s obviously like a lapel but what did she create🤦🤦. No slit also because I don’t understand. 7k is too much then how much did she charge

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