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A young Nigerian lady has courted controversy on social media after she posted a video of her ‘encounter’ with the Holy Spirit on TikTok.

In the trending video, the female student, identified as @bad_bennyy, said she started feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit during a lecture and had to leave the class so she doesn’t cause a scene.

The young lady, who was standing in a corridor in the video, said the power of the Holy Spirit was so heavy on her that she tried to suppress it by distracting herself but she couldn’t control it.

When she couldn’t hold herself anymore, she started praying and crying in what she described as ‘intimacy with her lover’.

She could be seen mumbling words in the video but it was inaudible because a melancholic song was playing in the background.

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The video has since sparked different reactions on social media, with many accusing her of faking the encounter for the sake of social media clout.

They argued that if it was real, she would not think of filming the encounter and post it on social media.

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In other news, a young Nigerian lady, simply identified as Vanexxa, has recounted how a prophetess destroyed her family with a false prophecy.

The lady in a heartbreaking video that’s making the rounds online said trouble started in their home when a prophet gave a false prophecy about her father using her for rituals.

Vanexxa recounted her horrific childhood experience, saying that as a seven-year-old girl it was traumatizing to see her parents fight every day and never seem to agree on anything.

She said most of the time, her father would leave the house for months without anyone knowing his whereabouts after tumultuous fights with her mother.

She said that amid the unrest in their home, her mother took her to a prophet to pray that her father would change for the better. The prophet then told her that her father would use her for ritual.

To make matters worse, she fell ill shortly afterward, and her mother concluded that her father was trying to kill her for ritual. However, at the hospital, it was confirmed she had food poisoning.

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