A South African lady and her husband have introduced paid menstrual leave for their female employees and social media users are loving it.

Lady and her hubby introduces

Women generally experience varying degrees of discomfort and pain while on their menstrual cycle. Some ladies experience nausea, cramps, fever and get mood swings.

Lady and her hubby introduces

Apparently, the lady and her husband put this into consideration and decided to allow their staff go on paid leave when they are on their menstrual cycle.

The businesswoman, identified as Gloria Dhlamini-Liebenberg, shared the latest development in her company on her Twitter page.

She tweeted,

“My husband and I, have introduced paid menstrual leave for our female employees. This makes me so happy as a woman.”

However, the lady’s decision has been met with mixed reactions as some men are also demanding for an equivalent benefit. See comments below,

Oyin wrote, “Wow! What we love to see๐Ÿ‘. Women deserve more dues. But what plans do you have for your male workers too? Since we all crave for equal rights?๐Ÿฅด”

lulusmooth wrote, “Congratulations to your female workers what will you introduce to your male workers.”

mimicutee wrote, “So you people will write down the dates they see their period ๐Ÿ˜‚…this is really awkward to me.Periods should be private”



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