A heartbroken lady has revealed what her best friend did after she shared a list of things she wanted to get for her man.

She took to TikTok to share how her friend went ahead to buy the things on her list for her boyfriend.

She wrote;

“I showed my best friend list of gifts I was planning I’m getting my man for his birthday and she bought all of the items and gifted it to him before him.”

Watch the video here;

In other news, a young Nigerian lady who claims to be a side chic has shared the thoughtful thing she did for her man’s main girlfriend.

Taking to Twitter, the lady, who goes by the handle @d xciii, revealed that she persuaded her lover to buy his main girlfriend a car.

According to her, his official girlfriend had been requesting a car, and it wasn’t until she (the side chic) weighed in and cajoled him that he finally purchased the car.

She claimed that her thoughtful gesture is proof that not all side chics are evil.

“Finally convinced this man to buy the car his babe has been asking for, and he got it. See, not all sidechicks are evil. Some of us still want your relationship to prosper”. She tweeted.

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