Lady laughs

A video showing the cars owned by students of a tertiary institution in Nigeria and those owned by lecturers of the same institution has gotten people talking online.

In the video filmed in the school’s parking lot, cool and expensive cars were parked in the students car park while fairly old and raggedy cars were parked in the lecturers car park.

The lady filming the video could be heard laughing hysterically as she compared both car parks and hailed the students for driving better cars.

The video was reportedly recorded in the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State.

Watch below,

The video has sparked a conversation on social media as netizens point out that lecturers are poorly paid in Nigeria.

@official_olayusuf wrote,

“This isn’t supposed to be funny. The system has failed the lecturers. Some of these lecturers don’t have a life because they aim to compete on a global scale and give their students the best. Some of them sleep in their offices for days depriving themselves life necessities and this student thinks it’s okay to mock them. This is ridiculous!!”

@shao_Af wrote,

“Those people not happy with the video look at it in a positive way, this video shows teachers need to be paid more, our government laughed at them already. Teachers deserve much more”

@modestusbernard wrote,

“How much are students paid? It goes beyond how much the lecturers are paid. Obviously, their salaries are nothing to write home about, however, the students extravaganza lifestyle expose the rot in the system. Some are into yahoo yahoo and other dangerous crimes in the society while others are helping their corrupted parents to squander the looted funds from the treasury. Sad”

Some others opined that lectures have more financial responsibilities than students.

@pelumimayor wrote,

“I see no differences between the cars, a lecturer can easily save up to buy those cars on the student side if he is not married or have children to take care of. Most fathers or old men don’t have piority for those kind of cars, they just need something that take them from point A to B.”

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