A pastor identified as Chinedu, has been dragged into controversy after a female church member, Mrs Glory, gave a testimony during a midweek service on how God has rewarded her with N500,000 through a contract in Lagos.

The incident happened at Afolabi Oyewole street in Ejigbo where the church is located and the woman in question resides.

It was gathered that Pastor Chinedu did not wait till the next day, as he went to Mrs Glory’s house in the night at about 11 pm because the woman had told him that he had the money in cash and she would go to the bank to deposit it the next morning.

The victim added that the knock on the door by the pastor caught them unaware as members of the family were afraid thinking that it was armed robbers, not until he raised his voice and they knew it was their pastor.

P.M.Express reports that Pastor Chinedu asked her to bring the whole money for him to settle some debts in the church building project and promised to return the money the following week. She went inside the fridge where she kept the money and handed it to the pastor.

She said before the pastor collected the money from her, the pastor commanded her to use the money to circle round his head and said “the money will not kill Pastor Chinedu” for three times before he collected the money and went away.

It was gathered that when the woman realized her mistake, she went to the church to demand the money back from the pastor. To her surprised, Pastor Chinedu told her that the money had been sowed as seed to the church.

When Mrs Glory repeatedly insisted that she wanted her money back, Chinedu ordered that the church security should send her away and never allowed her to come to the church again.

It was learnt the incident led to the church sacking members of Mrs Glory’s family from the church and they were not allowed close to the church.

The victim is now in a dilemma on what to do as she went to the Police Station at Ejigbo to report the matter, unfortunately there was no proof that she gave such amount of money to Chinedu.

It was gathered that the victim is now jobless and left to her fate in the house because all the money she was using for the supply was collected by the pastor.

Source: PM NEWS

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