UPDATED: The story that the Lady below lost her three brothers to SARS is untrue.

The image is real, and the Lady identified as Ugochukwu, had joined protests in south-eastern Nigeria. But as the image was shared online, people started adding misleading information.

“Not one brother…3…on the same day…killed and dumped in a well,” a widely-circulated reply to one of the posts with the image said, claiming she’d lost family members at the hands of the police.

BBC contacted a spokesperson for Ms Ugochukwu identified as Gideon Obianime.. Gideon said the story that was attached to the photo is not true.

He said Ms Ugochukwu herself was briefly detained by Sars forces in 2018, but although she has brothers, none of them had been killed by Sars forces.

“I think people started adding assumptions to the photo. She has been getting a lot of backlash [over this],” Mr Obianime told the BBC.

Nigerian lady mourns

Lady mourns three brothers

The #EndSARS protest that has been ongoing for a week is a campaign against the unjust killings and brutality by the police in Nigeria.

The young lady, who is yet to be identified, was captured by a protester during the protest against police brutality in Enugu on Tuesday, October 13.

Her photo went viral on social media and people wanted to know the story behind her actions. A twitter user noted that the protest was a personal fight for her as her three brothers were murdered in cold blood and dumped in a well by SARS officials.

lady mourns brothers

The lady refused to fly the Nigerian flag as she cried uncontrollably while sitting on top of a lion statue in Enugu.

This incident, however caught the attention of other protesters and has stirred reactions on social media.

See some of the reactions below,

lady mourns brothers

lady mourns brothers

lady mourns brothers



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