Lady narrates

A Nigerian lady, identified as @zumamalicious on Twitter, has recounted how she dumped her boyfriend and married another man because he did not clearly state his intentions towards her.

In a series of tweets shared on the micro-blogging platform, the young lady said she was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend but he was not straightforward about what he wanted from the relationship.

Whilst dating the young man, she travelled home for a three-week leave and met another man who clearly stated that he likes her and wanted to marry her. They immediately got engaged and tied the knot three months later to the surprise of her boyfriend.

@zumamalicious wrote,

“Went home for a 3weeks leave, came back engaged and got married 3months later. I mean surprise weddings do happen when intentions are not clearly defined. The bf was shocked like we were good. We were good but there is no clear offer here.

When you care about someone, state your intentions clearly and make a clear offer so you can both know what you are working towards. The mere fact that we wear matching asoebi does not mean we are building long-term.”

See her tweets below,

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