A Nigerian lady identified as Jojo has recounted a questionable story about how an admirer gifted her an iPhone.

She claimed that when the man inquired about her phone number, she told him she didn’t have a phone.

According to Jojo, in a post on Twitter, she was given an iPhone 14 Pro Max by the man after he emerged from his vehicle.

The young lady claimed that the man’s thoughtful act had shocked her, but many social media users did not believe her story.

She wrote;

“This guy asked for my number and I joking said I don’t have a phone, he really stepped in his Benz and pulled out an Iphone 14 pro max for me now 😂😂 I’m so shocked”

Reacting to her post, Afam wrote; “Lol. Awon intentional men geng have rebranded.💀”

Mahleek wrote; “Make dem charge imagination for murder case cos e don kee you 🙏🏾”

Daddyoyoyoo; “something like this happened to my guy sef, one babe asked if she could come over to his place, he jokingly said he still lives with his parents, before you know, this babe pulled out the key to a 6bed mansion in lekki and handed it over to him, na there i dey like this”

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