Lady narrates

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate how a mother invited the police to apprehend her child in school after she stole her money.

Lady narrates

According to Twitter user, @lohyce_, her classmate stole over N100k from her mother and squandered it on herself and her school mates.

The Twitter user revealed that the mum brought in the police to retrieve the stolen money from her child and her benefactors.

She wrote,

“I just randomly remembered when a classmate of mine stole her moms money and came to share it in class with us, the day her mum brought police to retrieve her money, my father told them to carry me because it’s long throat that put me in the mess in the first place.

This one was madd!! She stole over a 100k, everyday she’d come to class and buy everyone lunch, she’d buy kilishi for us everyday, buy supreme ice cream for everyone in the school bus, the day her mother came, the list long die, everybody’s name together with how much you ate.”

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