A Nigerian lady warns netizens to be careful when purchasing food items after she bought ant-infested semo despite the high increase in prices of food items.

Sharing on TikTok, the lady identified @abitemempire appealed that people should be guided about food commodities when they purchase from the local store or market in the hard economy.

She noted that she bought the 1kg semovita and discovered there was insect in the food pack.

Unfortunately for her, she bought ten packs of the semovita and decided to open one of the packs. She lamented about the outcome after sieving the semo in a bowl.

She also added the semo had not expiry.

The video has gained the attention of internet users; many stated the semo was infested because of heat and also it was made from corn.

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@tomak_empire Semovita in particular, sometimes black tiny insect

@isable_nails E don tey for store….na corn den use do am so if e don tey for store…e go get corn insect..,sorry dear

@oromibola It has happened to me before….5kg of Honeywell Semo…na sieve I sieve am o😂nd cook the were very well😂

@Abikeposh designs yes this do happen o. i think tooo much heat cause it

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