Lady recounts
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A Nigerian lady, identified as Omah fitness, has recounted how a lady who was co-habiting with her boyfriend judged her for not being a churchgoer.

Lady recounts

Taking to Twitter, Omah disclosed that when she couldn’t take the judgmental comments anymore, she slammed the chorister and pointed out that she is cohabiting with a man she’s not married to.

According to her, the lady stopped talking to her after the incident.

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“I remember when my neighbour’s girlfriend had issues with me not going to church few years ago. Sis was cohabiting with a man she was not married to and sings in the church choir and always preaching to me to go to church.”

“It wasn’t the question that was irking then, it was the undertone. She always sounded so judgemental. I was the ekwensu that was going straight to hell because I don’t go to church.

“So one day I got so fed up and told her ” ‘I no dey go church but I still better pass you wey dey live with man wey never marry u.

“Omo! I could tell those words pierced her soul, from the way her face dropped to the ground and she walked away without lifting it up till she got to their door.

“I started feeling bad. I regretted being so blunt and harsh. She never spoke to me again till we moved out of tha

“neighborhood. I was a lot younger then though, I would never say such a thing to someone now, no matter how much I’m pushed

“Age comes with diplomacy. There are better ways to respond to people who believe they’re more righteous than others because they go to church. It is well!”

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Lady recounts

Lady recounts

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