A lady was reportedly denied a well-paying job because she wore a leg chain to the interview.

According to a Twitter user, Josephine, who claimed the incident happened to her friend, the friend didn’t get the job solely because she rocked an anklet to the interview.

“So my friend was denied a well paying Job today because she had a leg chain on ,what has a leg chain got to do with acquiring a job”, she tweeted.

Josephine’s tweet, however, stirred diverse reactions from Nigerians on the micro-blogging platform. While some opined that there was nothing wrong with rocking a leg chain to the interview, others averred that it’s inappropriate for the occasion.

A Twitter user @GodsFirstChild1 wrote, “You get mind wear leg chain go interview wey others dey compete get.”

@QDorcas, “I wear a leg chain and I work for a consulting firm in Accounting and finance and they are strict with how your appear before clients. They could have just told her it’s not acceptable”.

@1stWorldwarlord, “Why do you wear the chain? What is the reason, because leg chains have meaning and there’re messages behind wearing it.”

@benzero2hot, “Was she wearing the leg chain when she came out of her mother’s womb? Did she die when she was young and not wearing it? Be there supporting what you don’t know. Leg chain is a symbol. I don’t know the symbol but I know it symbolizes something.”

@beebsonatata, “Why is it ok to wear a chain on your neck but it’s not ok to wear it on your leg?”

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