A young lady, with the name, Jania on Twitter has taken to the microblogging platform to proudly shared the motive she used in getting herself a new job.

According to Jania, she got laid with the manager during an interview for the job and walked away with a new job! She wrote;

“Had a job interview today, f–ked the manager and walked out with a new job making 7.25/hour & Y’all still asking y’all parents for money. Can’t relate???‼️”


  1. You have a long way to go young lady, you got the job by immorality and fornication, who knows how many more of it you will do daily to keep the Job. You are not different from a prostitute who have sex for money. I feel for the young innocent man that will marry you. Paradventure you came out from à humble home where morals are well taught, but decide to bow to pressure and choose à different path. You are even bragging about it, it’s either there is a demon in you, or your conscience is dead and want to encourage other young girls to become à slave to what you fall for. You are a failure on an assignment to recruit some more failure and you are acting from the pit of hell
    Let me tell you this, God loves you and has got plans for you beyond what you are deceived with. Repent now, receive the Lord Jesus as your Lord and saviour, do your restitution and walk with God. May God forgive you your sins if you will repent

    And for the shameless manager that is cheating on his wife by having sex with people before offering them the Job tbat will not take them to heaven, but drop them in hell, you are just an instrument of destruction, if you do not repent, as you have violated and defiled other peoples wife and children, the lord will bring you down and destroy you too, your doom is ever nearer than before in Jesus name, unless you repent.
    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand -Matt 3:2

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