Lady shares

A Nigerian lady has shared a video montage of her father happily bonding with her son despite warning to disown her if she gets pregnant out of wedlock.

According to the lady, her father who is a strict pastor had repeatedly warned her against getting pregnant out of wedlock, and said he would be very disappointed in her.

Lady shares

He also threatened to dissociate himself from her, and not be involved in raising the child.

Interestingly, when the worse happened and she fell pregnant and welcomed a child out of wedlock, her father’s stringent stance changed and he couldn’t help but dot over the child.

Lady shares

She posted the adorable video of her father spending quality time with her son right from when he was born till his current age.

“Strict Nigerian dad/pastor: You mustn’t have a child before you are married, I’ll be so disappointed and want no involvement,” she said of her father’s previous threats.

Watch below,

In other news, a Nigerian man’s reaction to a surprise birthday party organised for him by his family has stirred reactions from netizens.

The man recently turned a new age, and to mark the occasion, his family organised a surprise party for him in their home, but he didn’t seem pleased with the gesture.

A video that is currently making the rounds online shows the moment he was led into a room where everyone was waiting with gifts, flowers, and a saxophonist who serenaded him with happy birthday tunes.

However, the celebrant appeared unimpressed and had a gloomy face throughout.

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