Asian woman lying sick in hospital.

A Nigerian lady who identified as @The_Amirah has shared via the microblogging platform how her friend planned to take her man after she was falsely diagnosed with cancer.

The lady tweeted this after quoting a tweet on the platform that required users to share when they realized that their friends secretly hated them.

The lady started by sharing that, she was falsely diagnosed with cancer when she was in 300 level in the university.

Instead of her friend to give her moral support, she was more concerned about dating her boyfriend when she was no more.

The lady also noted that, this same friend always spoken about her negatively but she never saw the red flags until after their convocation.

Sharing the tweet, she wrote;

In my 300 lvl I was falsely diagnosed with cancer and when I told my friends. This babe goes “when Amirah dies I’m taking her man” This was before telling me that she doesn’t know what he sees in me and a bunch of other stuff.

Internet users were surprised at the revelation, as majority of them took to the comment section to express themselves.

Below are some of the comments;

@herroyalhenni:  I know she will later mask it as a joke but some of the things come from their hearts fr

@_nasii:  Imagine a friend hating you because of man lord we need to stand up!

@Austeiin:  I hope you’re far away from that particular person

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