A young lady has shared what she deemed a bad experience when she went to use an ATM which had more than 20 guys on the queue.

The said lady was expecting the guys to respect the fact that she’s a lady and should be given special preference, but to her surprise the guys did not even look at her side.

Read what she shared online,

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  1. Ma, did u ask those grown guys to atleast free u to use the ATM or u just stood there thinking u are d most important lady on earth.

  2. Who lady help……what a man can do, a woman can do be……..
    So a man can be patient and stay on the queue, and woman can do better

  3. Lady!!! Na 9ja u dey ooh, No b d same money u come withdraw? Abi ur own carry GPS tracker. Like say if na grls dey dat line & 1 guy com una go allow am. My brother who lady help??

  4. When you come to the public, you must remove all manners of sentiments. if you need any priory, arrive at the ATM on time or you install one machine in your house.

  5. What da fuck does she mean? Even if it whr to b ladies dere dey will do same. So why does she think she is special? Abeg is high time u don’t post such nonsense to ppl to cee or u will get ur ass wiped

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