A Nigerian woman has revealed the extent of wickedness her former husband showed her when she was pregnant.

Twitter user, Adeyeye Mariam shared the heartbreaking ordeal on her page.

According to her, she was a teacher in his parents’ school and he insisted that she continues coming to work despite being 10 months pregnant.

She afterwards fell into labour while teaching and he made her wait till school closed and even dropped off every child in the bus before taking her to the hospital.

In her words;

“Marriage- It was my 10th month of pregnancy and he still insisted that I had to resume work as a teacher in his parent’s school. I fell into labour while teaching and he waited till school closed and dropped off every single child in the bus before taking me to the hospital.

I had an episiotomy done yet, he insisted that I resumed work exactly 10 days after I birthed my child. According to him, I was ‘strong’ and would understand that he was ‘shielding’ me from my in laws’ wrath”.

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