A Nigerian lady has taken to her Facebook to share a story of how a friend of hers, who mocked her for being childless lost 3 children.

She shared the story some four days ago on her Facebook timeline — according to Obianuju Perpetual Kanu, one Nneka who used to be her friend took her clothes without her permission and when she confronted her and asked her to return her clothes, she insulted her and made mockery of her childlessness.

Obianuju said Nneka did not only mock her but also asked her children to stone her out of their compound. An heartbroken Obianuju revealed that out of anger, she cursed her friend and told her that “unending tears” will visit her.

She said the incident occurred in 2006 and the lady called her in 2020 to ask for forgiveness.

Read what she wrote below,

It’s 1am Canadian time today I received a call from Nneka . She asked how I am doing and if I have kids and I said of course yes and she burst into tears and I was pushed to ask why the cry?
She said she lost her 3rd child last week and the pastor said she offended me and she should ask for forgiveness.
This incident happened in 2006 she came to my house and took my clothes and I went to her place to confront her about my clothes but she told me that I should go and have kids for my husband barren woman like me and asked her 2 kids obinna and amaka that was busy enjoying their popcorn to stone me with the popcorn and asked me to get out of her house.
All I said to her is May unending tears visit u as u make mockery of me today and u stole from me and can’t release my clothes and left.
Just for u to call me today after 12years to tell me ur pastor said am the cause of ur problem and u should look for me and ask for forgiveness
Nneka from the depth of my heart I forgive u and I don’t think I am the cause of ur problems and the death of ur 3 kids
People should learn no matter any condition someone is passing thru pray for her and be supportive than laughing at her because u don’t know tomorrow.
Kids are being given by God at his appointed time, he said “none shall be barren in they land”
Stages of life is so deep
?U can be the first to marry but u don’t have kids of ur own on time
?U have kids on time but at university level lost one or 2
?U pray for rich husband but yet no happiness
?u have ur kids and one do steal
?U marry an average guy and u have ur peace.
?Life is full of vanity but people still Bragg over wot they know someday they will leave it and go
?U help someone in life u tell the whole world about it forgetting God is the one that rewards u of ur good deeds.
?We don’t need to stab someone till we know we deeply hurt them, their are some words that is difficult to delete that can pierce a heart . Let’s be mindful with the words we use often.
From my heart I forgive u Nneka and also Nnenna (Anyaegbunam hostel) I forgive u too I may have forgotten ur last names but u know am referring to u.
All Thanks to GOD Almighty for making me a mother of 3 .
I can’t forget my family who stood by me all the time, my dad who took my burden as his burden.
I do call my father my prophet becos he will advice u and every word he Said must to pass. It might take months and years but must happen.
I love my dad so dearly.
My fellow women waiting upon the Lord he did it for me and he will do it for u in no short time.
Just keep reminding him his words and sing praises.
Chi na asara m okwu will answer u immediately.



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