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Lady Shares Thrǝatǝn!ng R@nts From Her Allǝgǝd ‘Cúlt!st’ Boyfriend After Trying To End Relationship (VIDEO)

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to expose the alarming response she received from her reported “cultist” boyfriend after attempting to end their relationship.

The video, posted by user @kofee_, has quickly gained traction, sparking concern and discussion among netizens.

The woman revealed that her boyfriend is a member of a cult, a factor that added to her fear about breaking up with him.

“I told my cultist boyfriend I am breaking up with him. I am not doing again,” the lady stated in the video.

The lady then proceeded to share a voice note from her boyfriend, in which he responded with aggressive language and cult-specific slang, making it clear that he did not accept her decision to end their relationship.

In the audio, the boyfriend insisted that their relationship was meant to last forever and issued a series of threats, warning the woman against trying to leave him. He could be heard saying,

Nothing over o. Disembark from that careless capping.

You dey hear me so? No dey misyarn. Me and you dey sail this relationship till forever.

Ogun wan kill you? You wan make I dismantle you?”

The video has sparked buzz on social media, with many users expressing their concern for the woman’s safety and condemning the boyfriend’s threatening behavior.

Watch the video below:

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