A video making the rounds online has captured the moment a young man was thrown out of the house by his girlfriend after she caught him cheating on her with another woman.

In the clip, he can be seen pleading outside the house as she tosses his belongings out and ejects him from her home.

Viral reports allege that the young man lives with his girlfriend in the apartment she pays rent for, but luck ran out for him when she caught him with another woman in the room.

The enraged girlfriend was caught on camera throwing his clothes at him from a balcony as he struggled to defend himself.

The young man, who had bought a TV set for the house, requested his television since his girlfriend was kicking him out of the house. She then dashed in, carried the television, and threw it from the balcony, just as she did with his clothes, causing some minor damage to the appliance.

The young man protested why she threw his television from that height, and this made the lady go down to confront her cheating lover face-to-face. However, seeing her approach, the man fled the scene.

Watch the video below,

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