A man has taken to social media to cry out for help after his wife kicked him out of the house for refusing to adopt her kids.

The man, an African American, revealed his wife threw his belongings out of the house because he refused to legally adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

A video he shared online showed the wife packing his clothes out of the house, and he protested, but she refused to listen to his pleas.

The frustrated man said he will not give into her request because she intends to use it to exploit him.

“She was angry because I refused to adopt her kids”, he wrote.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Ugandan pastor, Godfrey Kuteesa, has sparked controversy online over his post about women who are richer than their husbands.

Godfrey took to Twitter to say that a “wise woman” who has more money than her husband won’t give money directly to their children.

According to him, she will secretly give money to her husband to meet the children’s needs, in order to secure his position as the head of the family.

Kuteesa, who is “Passionate about Boys & Men’s Issue”, tweeted on Tuesday, December 20,

“In a home, where Mommy has more money than Daddy, a wise woman will do anything possible not to dominate the home. When kids want something, she’ll tell them “ask ur Dad”, and she’ll will secretly give Dad the money to meet the Kids’ needs. That’s a #WiseWoman.”

In a follow-up tweet he shared while responding to a tweep, he wrote,

“The idea of showing kids that Daddy as the provider of the home is to help them emulemuate the old man. We teach daily that a father provides for a home. U want them to grow up seeing this in their father so they’d do the same. We’re what we see!!”

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