We all know how the OAP has been on and on about tithes and fake pastors on his social media accounts, well this lady has a “word” for him.

She wrote:

“Open Letter To @daddyfreeze
I have always loved your airing on @coolfmlagos
But lately I had to turn my post concerning your tithe ministration and judgment on pastors.
But first concerning the Deuteronomy verse of your Bible which says sell your tithe and buy anything you want including beer…..
Bible reading is different from Bible meditation
where you are spiritfilled and your message should convince and not confuse people.
Which is why the Bible is not in support of beer which in the Bible its recognised as strong drink proverbs20:1 proverbs23:29-32 Isaiah28:7
Back to tithe
Malachi3:8 says will a man rob God, yet ye have robbed me. But ye says, wherein have we robbed thee? Reply:in tithe and offerings
Vs 10 says bring ye all the tithe in to the store house. Which can be defined as the church.
Which is why we should obey every instruction, nothing must be left out.
Preaching Against pastors is not your job matt7:1judge not, that ye be not judge, for what judgment you judge, you shall be jugde with measure
your should advice people to go to church where through word of God is preached. Cos not all pastors are corrupt or spending members money.
For those who inbox @daddyfreeze about sexual assault in church why not go report to the police, why cover up fake pastors and why run after miracles that deserves silly request. It is your right as a citizen to report, so they will be prosecuted.
Matt7:5 thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brothers eye.
Avoiding just singing, dancing and miracle church
@daddyfreeze I still cant fathom why you preach against paying of tithe
is it that you want followers to stay at home on Sunday and stop paying tithe in church? and then listen to @coolfmlagos from 8-11am?”



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