Erik Gleibermann, an international journalist and cultural and literary critic, has averred that drivers in Lagos see red lights as annoying suggestions.

The social justice, who appears to be currently in Nigeria, stated this via his Twitter handle Thursday, July 7, while sharing his experience in the country’s commercial city.

He suggested that the majority of Lagos drivers violate traffic rules by running red lights.

“I am enjoying Lagos, though this feeling is tempered by the fact that drivers here regard red lights as annoying suggestions. #Lagos #Nigeria”, his tweet read.

Erik’s tweet, however, stirred quite a number of reactions from Nigerians on the micro-blogging platform.

A Tweep @Draughtsmanart wrote, “We are always in the hurry 😁😁 the ones who aren’t in a hurry see the yellow light as “Go”.

@igweigwe71, “Same in America it’s a global human factor nobody wants to be stuck in traffic it’s not a racial or geographical problem it is worldwide or, maybe you want to live and make your bed 🛌 in the traffic good for you🤝. Red lights are annoying worldwide 😏”.

@CallmeSDulcia wrote, “Danfo drivers no send red light o”

In other news, two officials of the Porth Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) were attacked as they attempted to disconnect the power lines of defaulters in Rumuewhara area of Port Harcourt.

In a video that was shared online, one of the two PHED workers is noticed to be on top of a ladder disconnecting the power lines while another was at the foot of the ladder.

Suddenly, locals approached the official at the foot of the ladder and attacked him before throwing him to the ground and landing heavy blows on him.

While the official already on ground is being fought with, a woman walks up to the ladder and pulls it, causing the PHED official on top of the ladder to fall several feet to the ground.

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