Lai Mohammed says Senegal

Nigerians are quite pissed with Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed after he claimed on-air that Senegal makes the best Jollof rice.

The whole drama started yesterday during his chat with CNN’s Richard Quest. Lai was asked which country he thinks prepares the best jollof rice, the Minister of Information and Culture responded, “Senegal”.

Immediately he made mention of Senegal, Nigerians were shocked to the bone marrow, because for many years, Nigerians have battled for the country’s honour, on Jollof rice, tenaciously insisting that they prepare the best jollof rice.

Now, Nigerians think Lai Mohammed is a traitor, and should be fired for treason.. They are really dragging him from limb-to-limb on Twitter.. Read some comments below:

See some of the reactions:

Seeing the outrage the minister has triggered, Richard Quest quickly rose to his defence, explaining that Lai Mohammed misheard the question. Read him:

Oh, really?

Well, here’s what Nigerians think of this twist:



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