Anulike Ubasinachi Ekweozor and her husband Ubasinachi Ekweozor ae currently cooling off in Ikotun Police station, after the former attacked one of their tenant, Oyize Peter over unpaid water and electricity bills, at their home located at No, 78, Amudalatu Agodo, Ikotun, Lagos.

According to reports, the tenant was owing electricity bills, and the electricity distribution company disconnected her house.

Landlord and wife.

According to a source: “Oyize was owing electricity bills and her house was disconnected. This infuriated her landlord because the tenant’s house was also connected to the pumping machine that serves the entire compound.

So the landlord called an electrician to connect the machine’s wire to his own apartment and also called a plumber to disconnect Oyize’s pipe so she wouldn’t have water, but she didn’t allow that and it led to an exchange of words.

Calm was later restored and the tenant returned to her apartment. However, Oyize was in the kitchen when the landlady allegedly took her unawares and used an axe to mar her face.”

The victim has since been rushed to a hospital while the culprits have been whisked to Ikotun Police Station where they are currently cooling off.




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