Actress, Chinonso Arubayi took to her Instagram page recently to raise an alarm over what she says is the “latest form of police oppression”.

According to her post on her IG stories, the actress claimed she witnessed a police officer try extorting a motorist for splashing water on his uniform.

Criticising the officer’s action, she said the police officer who won’t hold the government responsible for bad roads was trying to extort a driver who was only working to earn a living.

She wrote,

I just witnessed the latest form of Police Oppression. Holding on to a driver’s car keys and taxing him heavily for splashing water on your uniform. You won’t hold yourself accountable for seeing a pot hole and standing by it in the dark. You won’t hold the government accountable for the bad roads. You will rather oppress an innocent driver. Working hard to earn a living in this economy

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