Laura Ikeji via Instagram has revealed that she and her brother-in-law’s wife are not friends. Laura is married to Kanu Nwankwo’s younger brother, Ogbonna Kanu.

The ex- Super Eagles player is married to a fitness expert, Amara Kanu, who Laura has revealed she is not friends with.

Laura Ikeji made this known after a follower asked her on Instagram: “Why you and Amara Kanu not following each other and even not relating to each other…”

Replying the follower, Laura Ikeji simply stated that they are not friends.

She wrote: “We are not friends.”

Recall that Amara Kanu and Laura Ikeji’s husband Ogbonna Kanu made news last year when she called him out for allegedly stealing her son’s ticket to go see a Leeds United game. She labeled him a “borrow pose” after he shared a picture of the ticket and announced he would be going to see the game.

“You are a coward and liar. That’s my sons ticket. He was supposed to follow his dad to the Leeds game today but no. You have never allowed Kanu to be in peace with his family. You tried that with me all these years thinking I will die and now you want to come near my children. You can’t. You won’t. Oloshi oloriburuku. Borrow pose. @ogbobekee1, don’t mess with my children’s things or their dad.”

Perhaps, this must be part of the reason why there is a lack of friendship between Laura Ikeji and her brother-in-law’s wife.

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