Queen knocks

Reality TV star, Queen Mercy Atang has called out veteran actress, Uche Ebere, for constantly criticizing female Big Brother Naija stars.

Mercy took to her Instagram page to share her grievance after the 51-year-old actress slammed disqualified BBNaija level-up housemate, Beauty Tukura, for saying N100 million is small change. ICYMI

Queen, reacting to her comment, slammed Uche Ebere for her incessant attacks and told her to leave BBNaija products alone and focus on her acting career.

She also recounted how she cried her eyes out after the actress lambasted her following her participation in the BBNaija ‘shine ya eye’ edition in 2021.

Speaking further, the former beauty queen told Uche Ebere to correct them privately if she genuinely cares instead of trolling them online.

Queen knocks

Read as she wrote below,

“Usually I love to mind my business ooh. But @realucheebere dear mommy leave BBN girls alone. We’re not your problem. Woman face front.

You’re always attacking us..

You once had your dirty opinion about me. Read your comment last year and cried my eye out.. I wondered what I ever did to deserve hate from you. Coming from a mother. Coming from a lady i loved watching her movie while growing up.. I can remember how fans attacked your comment and you had to delete it. Stop attacking BBN girls. Face your own career @realucheebere

Even if we’ve a bad Character as you do say year in year out. if you truly care slide into our DMs and correct as a mother. But you’re in the habit of commenting rubbish.. Do you really care of our mental health? How we feel. God forbid anything happens you’re going to be the first type shit.

Queen knocks

(Depression) is real @realrealucheebere
Reading shit online especially coming from a known face do hurt like crazy
leave BBN girls alone ma and face your acting career.
I’m typing this because you’ve once come for me unprovoked… leave us alone
I beg. Jesus Christ.

Correct us and not attack us always..

All I’m just trying to say is.
If you feel any hms is doing wrong, as a public figure with a verified acc.
Slide to our dms and correct uS.
Don’t troll us, don’t mock us, don’t drop hateful comment online.
We’re new to this.. help us.
I’ve certainly developed a thicker skin now..
Before getting to where I’m now. It was hard… it was every day tears for me.
Mental health is real
Depression is real
Always consider this.
Funny how I’ve screenshot of all celebrities who trolled and dropped hateful comment on me for no reason. Till today I still wonder why you had to do such.”

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