A Nigerian man has given advice to women on why they shouldn’t leave their men for having multiple partners and should learn to share.

The man, identified as Bodmas Kemepadei from Sagbama, Bayelsa, revealed this on Sunday, April 25, as he marked the second wedding anniversary and 13 years of togetherness with his wife, Ebi Bella.

According to the father of two, throughout their eleven years of dating, Bella was aware that there were other women in his life yet she waited patiently for him.

Kemepadei then advised women to learn to share their men with other women as he is yet to see a man with only one partner.

“11years of dating, during these times, there were still other babes and she was aware, yet patient and we both tolerated nonsense from each other, we got married and it’s been almost two years in marriage. Don’t leave your man for having too many partners, women should learn to share, i am yet to see a man with only one partner, men are the same, just find one that is caring, a giver, not a bully and settle down, nothing dey for Waka Waka life” he wrote.



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