Some residents in the Lekki area of Lagos State, have lamented the incessant invasions of famished monkeys in their homes as they beckon for help.

A video said to have been taken at Orchid road, Lekki, shows the hungry monkeys making their way into the kitchen and having a treat for themselves.

The voice who recorded the video decried the situation, noting that she placed a loaf of bread in her fridge, but in a space of a few minutes, the monkeys broke in and took a part of it.

According to the lady, the monkeys are from the Lekki Conversation Centre.

“Monkeys from the Lekki Conservation centre are invading our kitchens. We have been battling this issue for months now with no solution as the centre has refused to feed the monkeys and they now go into people’s houses in broad daylight to steal food. We’re tired and need help. Happened in Orchid road, Lekki, Lagos.”

Watch the videos below, courtesy of IB9JA,

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