Lepacious Bose

It’s not new reports to us how famous comedienne, Lepacious Bose‘s weight loss programme has been quite an amazing and inspiring odyssey… All throughout this journey of hers, she’s been sharing each step of the way with her fans.

While most of them are thrilled and inspired on how determined and enthusiastic she is about losing her weight, a particular fan is not really feeling her as he says she’s playing to impress people.

Few hours ago, the comedienne shared the exchange between them.

“Everybody is not created to be slim. Stop hurting yourself to impress people,” the critic said.

Returning the favour ironically, Bose clapped back:

“Hurting myself ke? You have eyes but you cannot see. Who am I impressing? Smh,” she replied him, and then went ahead to drag him for filth.

Lepacious Bose1



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