Female comedian, Lepacious Bose who is still rocking her miraculous weight loss, has once again spoken about her weight loss and the challenges that has come with it.

Lepacious Bose

In a recent interview with Telegraph, Bose said ;

‘on the internet, people said so many negative things about me. At the time, I kept asking myself if what I did was wrong. I had to learn how people’s opinion should not define me. It was a shaky time for me. So, it was important to address why I did what I did. I knew I didn’t lose weight because of people. I knew it wasn’t because I wanted attention that I shed all that fat. It was because of me’.

The comedian who dropped from being a size 32 to a size 14 also said, ‘someone asked me why I decided to lose weight. He said I was making lots of money with my former weight as a comedian. I was like, ‘O yes, I was making a lot of money as a comedian, however, I needed to lose weight for a number of reasons. This person put the story out, saying I was making more money when I was fat than now that I am slim. It made me look ridiculous. I was upset. To be honest, I cried. Until I realised that people’s opinion should not define me’.

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