A differently-abled young man has taken to Twitter to narrate how he was able to educate two children who were amazed by his disability.

He explained how he was able to communicate and answer any questions they may have in a loving mannner and encouraged parents to do the same too.

Read his post here:

“On entering church on Saturday, I saw two siblings whispering to each other . The younger one was saying “look at that man ” and the older girl was trying to shush her. The girl still kept on talking and this time around pointing at me. I walked up to them and I asked “do you have any question for me?…here I am”. They couldn’t talk. So I smiled and told them I can’t walk with my two legs and that’s why I’m using crutches and it’s no more a problem for me. They looked at me with so much love.

As parents, teachers and community – lets learn to educate children about disabilities so that they can learn to live peacefully and work with people with disabilities in present and in future.
Whoever rejects employing someone with disability that is competent for the job, check their background as a child. ”

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