In this age and time, even before this age and time, there are a million and one ways women try to get money from their partners, some might not even need to be their partner before they drain them of their doughs!!

counts down five famous lies women tell to get money from their men. The actual truth is, it could go all the way round as there are some men who also tell the same lies.

So let’s check em out! Be sure to add yours too though… Don’t lie to me that you don’t LIE to get money! Pfft! Hypocrite!

1. Lend me some money. I promise to pay back.


Promise“. Promise to do what?… when? How? Where? C’mon sister, you know your guy can’t certainly ask you back for his money… being like “Baby, how about that money you promised to pay me back?” Even you sef would condemn him and even start recounting all the things you’ve been doing for him that is worth more than money.



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