Former Beauty Queen, Anna Banner recently took to her social media page to highlight some struggles/challenges she has so far faced in life.

Anna Banner recounted having a baby at 20 for Singer Flavour, said she was depressed and was once suicidal at some point in her life. She disclosed that she was ashamed of her body and also ashamed of some of the decisions she made as an unmarried young lady.

Her posts read ;

For almost 6 years now, i’ve had sad birthday experiences… It was pretty frustrating, but i adviced to always wear a ”smile” to cover up the pain and sadness.

Fake it till you make it smile for my hash tag

But i had to make a personal decision to make myself happy by myself! And it feels so good!

My birthday this year is a huge reminder of how i’ve been able to pull through!

I felt like i’ve been caged for almost 6 years of my life!

Honestly, no one sees the silent struggles and pain we all go through!

All we get on social media are ”likes” and ”comments” from people who likes you, admires you or even hates you!

And Yes! We post beautiful pictures just to feel good sometimes!

We post family perfect pictures too! But we struggle to sleep at Night!

We don’t have it all figured out!

I was suicidal at some point in my life!

I never knew what depression was until i experienced it!

It wasn’t pretty at all!

I was ashamed of my body. I was ashamed of some decisions i made, i lost all my self confidence, I literally lost myself. I screamed silently for help but no one but God could hear me.

I had a beautiful baby girl at 20 (Unmarried young and a school drop-out) and 5 years later, i’m a graduate! I thought about quitting school so many times! Trust me I didn’t care anymore! It was too much for me to handle!

Mentally, I was exhausted! At some point, My daughter couldn’t recognize me! She called her Grandma Mummy instead, i was shattered

You might be going through worse but i can confidently tell you that you’ll be fine! Just don’t give up.

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