Destiny Etiko reveals

Popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has vowed not to adopt another child again amid drama with her adopted daughter, Chinenye Eucharia.

It was earlier reported that there seems to be an ongoing feud between Destiny and Chinenye, as they have not been seen together, nor have they posted pictures together on their respective social media pages.

Destiny Etiko reveals

Although Chinenye recently denied the rumours during a Facebook live session, this did not seem to convince their fans, who have continued to call for the pair to reconcile. However, Destiny gave a cryptic response to the calls, refusing to explain what transpired.

Well, the thespian has seemingly given a hint to what happened between her and Chinenye while responding to a follower’s comment.

Destiny Etiko reveals

The curvaceous actress had taken to her Instagram page to share a video of star-struck female fans who scurried towards her when they sighted her in public. They ladies were very excited to see Destiny and hugged her tightly through her car window.

“How they almost hurt themselves jumping down from bike 🚴 just to greet me….I had to quickly stop…Love u guys right back ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Thanks for capturing this beautiful moment ❤️ @irene_ibekwe,”
she wrote in the caption.

Reacting, a follower pointed how the actress didn’t wait to familiarize with the girls, and instead zoomed off after exchanging pleasantries with them, asserting that she doesn’t want to adopt another child again after her experience with Chinenye.

“Lolz…destiny no wan adopt again, she jejely drive the go front”, she said.

Reacting, Destiny announced her decision not to adopt again, citing that many less privileged children are disrespectful and ingrates.

“My sister since there are lots of disrespectful and ingrates… am done o,” she responded.

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