Cameroonian-born singer and entrepreneur, Dencia has posed an interesting question to young ladies who claim to truly love their old husbands.

Dencia tackles

Dencia questioned why such women are not married to broke old men, if they are so sure that they prefer older men to young men.

According to her, those women are lying to themselves because it’s obvious that they got married to their old husbands for money.

Taking to Snapchat, she wrote,

“Young women who swear they love their ready to die old husbands kill me…. No sis you love the $$, If you love old men so much, why ain’t y’all marrying the broke 70 & over ones”

See her post below,

Dencia tackles

Meanwhile, Dencia recently spoke about her mother in a recent social media post.
The 33-year-old took to Snapchat moments ago to describe the kind of person her mother is. According to the singer, her mum is childish, useless and never takes anything serious.

In her words,

“My mom is so childish & useless.. I see why I am how I am.. She doesn’t take nothing seriously, we are the same person and it’s fucked!! Two head strong, hard working useless Arians”.



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